Ganesh Ramalingam- A popular Specialist in general surgery

The Ganesh Ramalingam is a most popular specialist in the general surgery, bariatric surgery and also the advanced laparoscopic surgery. He is also a founding member of the National Committee for Obesity, i.e. the OMSSS that means Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society of Singapore. He also discusses about how weight loss or bariatric surgery is now saving the lives of more people with the previous type II diabetes. He also took the holistic approach as well. Still, he believes that any weight loss management programme wants to be personalized to the entire person. He also treats 10ganesh ramalingam% of population who cause morbid obesity or extreme obesity in Singapore. He has conducted the different procedures to perform this kind of surgery in the most efficient way.

In Singapore, most of the obese individuals who aim to weight loss surgery are increasing day by day. The doctor ganesh ramalingam has tried to help many individuals who are dieting and exercise, but failed to keep his weight down. He has more experience in undergoing the bariatric surgery.

Last year, he has conducted a major surgery to remove the part of stomach. It was most painful and big surgery done in his life. He has never put himself through even before. Since, he became a full time National Serviceman and advice so many people like how to shed more pounds shortly and see the end result as a miracle. Thus, Dr Ganesh suggests that the benefit of bariatric surgery is well established and also supersized the teenagers as well.

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